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“Enter into His gates with thanksgiving and into His courts with praise: be thankful unto Him, and bless His name.” Psalm 100, 4

   Our present building fund effort was begun at the foot of the Cross and we want it to be nothing less than a deep spiritual experience for everyone of us.

   Every Christian, who looks to Calvary, sees there the greatest motivation for all that we are doing! No sacrifice is too great to make when it is viewed in the light of His cross.

   It is going to take some real sacrificial giving to bring into fulfillment the comprehensive plans, but if we will place no limitation upon what we can do with the help of the Almighty God, we will be able to reach our objective!

   Our labors will be blessed, if we will move forward on our knees in the name of Jesus! May we let Him possess us wholly and He will work in us and through us mightily!

- Rev. Herbert H. Nagel (Founder of Good Shepherd Lutheran Church)



Herbert H. Nagel
( 1945-1975)




Frederick R.










Jeffery H. Leichman

- History - 

"This is non other but the house of God, and this is the gate of heaven" Genesis 28,17


Our First Place of Worship
Dec. 2, 1945 to April 14, 1946


    The Chicago Lutheran Church Extension Association made possible the start of the mission activity in South Des Plaines. During July, 1945, a preliminary canvass was made under the direction of Pastor Yoss of Riverside. Volunteers from congregations near and far came to assist in the canvass.

    Shortly thereafter the Mission Board of the English District extended a call to the Rev. Herbert H. Nagel of Faith Lutheran Church, San Diego, California.  He accepted the call and devoted his full time to exploring all the possibilities of the new field.

    The first meeting was held on October 9th, 1945, at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Neumann, 1973 Illinois  Street.  Only five people were present. As more people were added, the only alternative was to build a new place.

    A lot was purchased  at Prospect Avenue and Illinois Street. The Chicago Church Extension loaned the congregation $3,000 for the building of the new chapel.  The District Church  Extension forwarded $1,500 more.

    November 7th, 1945, the congregation officially organized at the home of Mr. Ed. Beyer in Glen Acres.  A standard constitution was adapted and eleven were presented. November 13th the congregation became known as Good Shepherd Lutheran Church. The incorporation followed on November 20th.

    On December 2nd, 1945, the first service was held on Mr. and Mrs. A. Jacobson’s “the upper room” of their home on Pratt Avenue near Mannheim Road. 43 attended the service and 17 were in the Sunday School and Bible Class.  The First offering:  Sunday School $3.24......Church $58.00.

    At the Conclusion of 1945 the congregation numbered 29 communicants and 50 souls.

    The new building operations began on January 19th, 1946. It was a very harsh season of the year, but people pressed forward to finish the job.

    The congregation entered the new chapel on April 19th, 1946. It was dedicated to the glory of GOD and for the salvation of precious, blood bought souls on April 28th, 1946.  352 people attended the dedicatory services. At the end of 1946 the congregation had 60 communicants and there were 59 children in Sunday School.

    On July 20th, 1947, members enlarge chapel for growing flock.



Our Second Place of Worship
April 19, 1946 to Nov.2, 1947


The Church Council


The Sunday School


   The brief history of Good Shepherd Lutheran Church is a chronicle of truly amazing fruits of faith and of miraculous blessings from the hands of Almighty God.

   Graced by God’s favor, our flock has grown and built three times in twelve years. This expansion was our fourth; the most forward looking, the most ambitious.

   This magnificent location was lauded by architects, city officials and laymen as “the most breath-taking church site in the Midwest and possibly the nation.”

   Our bountiful Savior has been gloriously generous to our congregation both spiritually and materially. Our growth has meant hundreds of souls won for Christ.

   The Lord has given us the courage and zeal to build before. Unmistakably, He challenges us again. Each family, each member, now is given the privilege to build to the greater glory of God, and to press. . . “ONWARD FOR CHRIST.”

    In it's desired to building to the greater glory of God, Good Shepherd Lutheran Church resolved upon the contemporary style of architecture. The committee which planned the church and supervised it to completion, early determined that maximum space could be obtained only from modern building materials and a modern motif.

    Dedication of this building represents only the first step in the long-range plans of Good Shepherd and we would like to acknowledge with genuine appreciation to those who contribute uncountable hours of works, study and the gifts both large and small made by our members. They have made possible the construction of this church to the greater glory of God.

1945-  Rev. Nagel holds first service for 43 members in "upper room" of private home at 920 Pratt Avenue 
 1946- Ground broken for first chapel at Prospect & Illinois; chapel built by congregation
 1947- Members enlarge chapel for growing flock
 1950- Members again enlarge chapel
 1952- Congregation becomes self supporting
 1955- Land purchased for new church
 1959- Ground broken for present building in January; original chapel sold May;  corner stone laid in June
 1960- Dedication of Good Shepherd on the lake


Officiating at June 1959 cornerstone laying of Good Shepherd Lutheran Church were Pastor Herbert H. Nagel, left, and Rev. John H. Baumgaertner, of Milwaukee, guest speaker at the ceremonies.


Committee assigned in 1957 to plan new Good Shepherd Lutheran Church including from left, Chairman Melvin H. Long, Howard E. Hoelter, Henry J. Riemer, Rev. H. H. Nagel, Harold H. Heimsoth and Arthur L. Krickow.


Workmen put finishing touches to a large new stain glass window. The window measures 340 square feet within its triangular shape. (photo by Walter Koch, The Des Planes Suburban Times, 1965)



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